Welcoming a new baby sibling can be fun for your child, but there are some challenges, especially when your over-eager youngster wants to hold and cuddle the new baby endlessly. Now there’s help for those lovable moments! BabyHug from Silly Monkey Baby is an innovative baby blanket/swaddler that makes it easy for anyone, even a young child to cuddle a wiggly little baby safely. BabyHug’s unique design soothes your baby by wrapping around his whole body, much like a swaddling blanket, and at the same time provides proper support of your baby’s entire body, including the head, neck, spine and legs. Read on to see more benefits of BabyHug.

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The BabyHug blanket offers many unique features, including the following:

  • Made with organic cotton in the USA.
  • Allows for easy positioning when held by anyone – adults and children.
  • Encourages proper baby positioning for baby feeding and burping.
  • A swaddle-like pouch design offers infants a level of comfort, safety and warmth.
  • Gives new parents a sense of peace and security when others are holding their newborn.
  • Pouch-like swaddle near the head keeps the baby’s face from within direct contact of peoples’ clothing.
  • 100% machine washable.
  • Perfectly cute for sibling picture time!
  • Available in two trim colors – sage and khaki.

+ BabyHug $64.00

+ Silly Monkey Baby