Given the noticeably shorter days and slightly cooler evenings, there’s no denying that fall is in full swing, and winter is nipping at our heels. One of my favorite cold weather accessories is a pair of toasty legwarmers. They are stylish and functional, and they add so much flavor and coziness to any outfit. Legwarmers are very charming on little girls, and they are an unexpected, equally compelling surprise when worn by little boys. Every time my little guy sported his legwarmers, he would be greeted with compliments and gushing admiration. Luckily, it’s easy to find these adorable little accessories in organic materials from BabyLegs.

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BabyLegs makes the cutest legwarmers, hands down. They offer a rich array of colors, whimsical designs, and an eco-friendly organic collection. They come in natural organic wool, which is made from the finest and softest sheep’s fleece in the world. A second option is the natural organic cotton Babylegs, which are made in Vermont, and sell for $20 per pair. A third option is the natural organic cotton Babylegs which sell for between $10-$15 per pair. Having a warm, toasty, eco-minded, and fashionable little munchkin is a breeze with Babylegs.