Not that this should surprise you, but babies aren’t easy to shop for when it comes to Halloween. Candy for babies is a no no. Most costumes freak babies out and many Halloween toys are plastic (ugh). Thankfully, the adorable ecoleeko Halloween bat is eco-friendly, sugar-free and perfect for babies. Each spooky soft bat is a cuddly toy and baby rattle in one, made of hand dyed and printed organic cotton/hemp corduroy and bamboo fleece. The little bat’s body is stuffed with kapok fiber while the wings are filled with buckwheat hulls that shake and make a pleasant sound for curious tots. Organic cotton thread is used for the body and safe bamboo blend yarn is used to create the cute stitched bat face. Everything comes wrapped in 100% recycled stamped tissue and tied with a biodegradable paper ribbon. By the way, at just $16, this Halloween gift won’t make parents scream in horror either! Various colors available – from pastel to bright.

+ Organic Halloween Bat Baby Rattle $16.00

+ ecoleeko