Breastfeeding is an inherently ‘green’ endeavor, but finding 100% organic cotton nursing wear and accessories to complement this eco and baby friendly choice is often a difficult task. Once I stumbled upon Under the Nile‘s wonderful line of organic Egyptian cotton nursing wear and breast pads, I knew I had come full circle in my dedicated mission to ‘green’ my breastfeeding regime.

The Under the Nile Nursing Bra is made of exquisitely soft Egyptian cotton, and it’s so comfortable that when wearing it, you practically forget it’s there. The plunging neckline pulls to the side to allow easy access for baby, without having to fiddle with snaps, buttons or clips. This bra, which is actually more of a tank top, is great for lounging around the house, or for wearing layered underneath another top. It’s not super supportive, but it offers ultimate comfort, making it the ideal go-to nursing bra to wear to sleep.

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Under the Nile Nursing Pads are also made from the softest organic¬†Egyptian cotton, in flannel with a terry lining. These pads are super absorbent, but thin enough that they won’t show through your shirt. They can be purchased for five dollars per set, and reused almost indefinitely, making them much more eco-savvy than disposable nursing pads. For best results when cleaning, hand wash each pad in a delicate, biodegradable detergent, and let air dry.

There may be a real lack of organic breastfeeding apparel on the market today, but it’s a pleasure to find high-quality organic cotton nursing gear from Under the Nile. These products help maintain and support the pure, healthy gesture of nursing your baby.

+ Nursing Bra $16.00

+ Nursing Pads Set $5.00

+ Under the Nile