The collection of Hazel Village stuffed animals includes a mix of boy and girl characters and a variety of animals including raccoons, foxes, mice, bunnies and frogs. Your kiddo can take her pick of the cleverly created gang.

Will she go for Lewis Toad who is a whizz on the pottery wheel thanks to his webbed hands? Perhaps she’ll fall in love Miss Flora Fox who likes both ballet and whittling projects. Or she might relate to Gwendolyn Raccoon who loves cats, yet finds them scary all at the same time.

If you have more than one Hazel Village plush toy, you can swap their clothing. Or if you have similarly-sized clothing at home your kids can go to town changing their looks.

Depending on which character you choose, they are made from either organic cotton jersey or organic cotton velour. Eyes and noses are hand-embroidered. And each plushie comes in a reusable cotton bag.

+ Organic Plush Animals $36.00

+ Hazel Village