When your preschooler needs to cozy up for nap time this back to school season, treat her to a soft organic nap mat of her very own — as opposed to the mats we all had to catch ZZZ’s on as kids, which were made of toxic PVC or scratchy polyester. SewnNatural offers handmade organic nap mats for toddlers, which feature hip designs and cheerful patterns, all constructed with sturdy organic cotton/hemp denim on the underside, and stuffed with five layers of cotton quilt batting. When the R&R session comes to a close, these delightful mats fold-up (instead of rolling up) to keep dirt away from the top of the mat and make it easy to tote. SewnNatural will also embroider your child’s name on the underside of the mat so no one else can lay claim to their little magic rug.

*SewnNatural nap mats measure 19″ x 45″ x 3/4″ high for sweet comfort, folding up to 11″ x 19″.

+ Organic Toddler Nap Mat $85-$110

+ SewnNatural