We love their sustainable rattles. We love their all natural teethers. We super love their adorable bowling set. And now, we have a new clever Little Sapling Toy to adore – the Organic Nimble Nester Stacking Arches! This Maple, Cherry and Walnut nesting arch set is a 100% versatile toy for growing minds and motor skills. More than a simple toy, the Nimble Nester allows your little one to practice problem solving and balance, gain an eye for pattern recognition and have fun. Each set of Nimble Nester Arches is sanded satin smooth and coated with a light beeswax and organic jojoba oil finish that enhances the natural beauty of the wood. This toy arrives ready to give in a USA-made cotton drawstring bag with a tag – the perfect toy for your own child or to give as a gift!

+ Organic Nimble Nester Stacking Arches $30

+ Little Sapling Toys