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Cleverly named after real explorers, these blankets have a lot of personality. There’s Amelia the Bunny, Marco the Panda, and Lewis the Raccoon. Simply fold up the blanket into its little pocket, and you’ve got a sweet and simple pillow that little ones will love to use as a comforting buffer in uncomfortable places (Stiff airport chairs, we’re looking at you). There’s even a little loop so that the blankie/pillows can be attached to a stroller, coat hook, or backpack, but we like the idea of our kiddos showing a little responsibility and ownership by holding tight to the animals’ ears.

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Clearly a mom was behind this multitasking design. We love that the Nomad Blankies can fulfill a lot of attachment object requirements and reduce the need for bringing a million things with us when we go on vacation. The latest addition to the Ellie Fun Day line may have been crafted with travel in mind, but these blankie/pillow loveys will find a multifunctional place in your kiddos’ bed too.

As cute and cuddly as these blankies are, purchasing one will benefit more people than simply the members of your merry family band of travelers. Integral to Ellie Fun Day’s mission is helping marginalized women in India by providing fair wages, on-site health clinics, a safe haven from abusive relationships or trafficking, counseling services, and education including literacy, skills training, and financial management.

That extra hour of traffic or airplane delay doesn’t look quite as bad when the kids are content and cozy.

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