Breastfeeding is inherently environmentally friendly. Because of its popularity amongst the eco healthy yoga crowd, it blows my mind that it is so difficult to find organic nursing wear. Why do we need organic nursing wear, you might ask? This might not seem like a big deal to non-breastfeeding women, but I can tell you that when you are spending your days on your couch with leaky boobs, a slew of visitors coming through your house, and your baby permanently latched on – all you want to be wearing is something that is comfortable, breathable, organic, and allows you to nurse your baby while covering the rest of your body and offering some privacy. This doesn’t seem like a tall order, but good nursing wear is surprisingly hard to find. After much frustration trying out different ‘nursing tops’ (some uncomfortable, some too synthetic, some too skimpy), I finally found the solution for organic, comfy, stylish nursing apparel: bamboo nursing gear from Motherwear.

eco breastfeeding, nursing, green nursing gear, motherwear, green bamboo top, eco-friendly nursing gear, eco nursing wearEco-friendly bamboo nursing tops from

Motherwear is an online shop devoted to breastfeeding apparel and support, and they’ve been a lifesaver for me in terms of decent nursing wear. What new mother wants to have to sit around topless to breastfeed or have to put on a poncho to get some privacy? Thats why I love these stylish bamboo nursing tops from Motherwear. They’re comfy, eco-friendly, offer plenty of coverage, and are very flattering for a new mother with abs-of-less-than-steel (aka squishy new mom tummy). I have several black bamboo nursing tanks, and I practically live in these suckers day and night.

eco breastfeeding, nursing, green nursing gear, motherwear, green bamboo top, eco-friendly nursing gear, eco nursing wear$24 – Bamboo Tank from Motherwear

Tanktops and light nursing shirts are every nursing mother’s best friend, as they allow decent coverage while also allowing access for your little one. Bamboo is a great fiber for breastfeeding apparel since it is an eco-friendly fiber that is naturally anti-bacterial, absorbent, and extremely soft and comfortable. It will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer and it can be air-dried easily. Most importantly, for leaks and spit-up incidents (a regular occurrence with a newborn), bamboo is absorbent, dries quickly, and is easily washable. Producing bamboo fabric also emits less greenhouse gases and it is bio-degradable. For an eco-chic nursing mom you can’t really find better than the bamboo nursing gear at Motherwear.


$24 – Bamboo Tank from Motherwear

$26 – Drop Cup Bamboo Nursing Tank

$25 – Harmony Bamboo Top from Motherwear