Imagine this: a formerly plain white baby onesie jazzed up with a vintage tie applique. Pumpkin Girl, an Etsy artisan and crafty mom (who started sewing at the ripe old age of five), dreamed up this sassy pairing. Pumpkin Girl has a penchant for incorporating vintage materials into her designs, and her totally unique “Tiesies” give new meaning to the term “business casual.” Each Tiesie is an original design, so when your little man sports these couture threads, he’s sure to avoid those embarrassing moments of running into another little dude wearing the same outfit.

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The ties featured on each Tiesie piece have been “upcycled,” according to Pumpkin Girl, from 1940’s vintage stock. You can keep your tot stylin’ when he gets too mature for onesies, as the designer also offers “Tie Tees.” Both varieties are available in 100% organic cotton, which we advocate due to its pesticide-free nature. Conventional cotton farming and processing wreaks havoc on the planet and going organic is hands-down a healthier alternative for baby’s skin.

This resourceful makeover for an otherwise generic white onesie/T-shirt is a charming addition to baby’s layette. The look is dashing, excruciatingly cute, and the perfect solution for those “tie required occasions.”

+ Pumpkin Girl on Etsy

+ Tiesie or Tie Tee $16.00