Any parent of a newborn understands the crucial concept of ‘swaddling’. Small babies like to be wrapped up like little burritos, because it harkens back to the snug and cozy fit that they experienced in the womb. You can swaddle your baby in any blanket or long piece of fabric, but swaddling is definitely made a whole lot easier with an organic velcro-laden contraption called the ‘Swaddleme’ by Kiddopotamus.

Baby burrito, baby straight jacket, swaddle, swaddling, baby swaddling, eco swaddle, organic baby, green baby eco baby, Baby Petey, photo by Jill FehrenbacherMy newborn happy as a clam in his Swaddleme

I accidentally discovered the beauty of this fabulous invention when a friend gave me a Swaddleme as a gift for my new baby. (Thank you Jeremy!) I’ve since thrown all of my intricate swaddle-folding skills to the wind, as the Swaddleme is so much easier to wrap up than a blanket – and virtually impossible for baby to wriggle out of. This baby-sized straight-jacket comes in organic cotton for green-minded mothers out there, and is a must for any new parent.

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