Make baby bathtime more fun and eco-friendly with these adorable organic cotton wash mitt critters from Under the Nile. What better way to entice a reluctant baby into the bath than with a talkie froggie puppet? And as you would expect from eco baby brand Under the Nile, these washcloth-cum-hand-puppets are as environmentally friendly as they come. Not only are they fair-trade and made from the softest organic cotton and water-based dyes, but the biggest green factor comes from the multi-functionality in allowing you to wash, entertain and play with your baby all with one little charming design.

Of course, there doesn’t need to be a bath involved for an excuse to get these little guys out. Babies will enjoy these puppets just as much when they are high and dry…. and they are fun for adults as well. Confession: my newborn is so little and sleepy that he can care less about the puppets right now, but as soon as I saw these wash-cloth puppets I knew I had to have them. Despite the fact that my newborn is too young to appreciate them, I take them out at every bathtime opportunity, as they certainly make baby bath more fun for me.

$10 from Under The Nile

$36 – Puppet-washcloth with bathrobe-towel