The ‘Original Sound Track,’ an educational music toy created for children by musician and designer Ricardo Seola, raises the bar for toy trains everywhere — hear that, ‘Little Engine that Could?’ “In Original Sound Track, a train plays the role of a musician who actually plays the rail.” The track features small bumps, in the same vein as old-fashioned, wind-up music boxes, and the train moves along the track plucking the metal keys to play a song! Genius! See the Original Sound Track in action after the jump!

Still in the concept phase, we’re crossing our fingers (and toes) that Seola’s toy train goes into production. This clever, interactive toy would allow children to arrange and rearrange the toy train’s sectional musical track in different ways to change the song. Each rail consists of ten pieces, and color-coded rails with different songs would be sold individually. The Original Sound Track is made of wood, steel, chrome… and a lot of soul. This is one train of thought we’d certainly like our kids to follow.

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