Orta Blu, the sustainability division of Orta, one of the world’s largest denim manufacturers based in Turkey, delivered 2,400 denim garments to Syrian refugees and Lebanese children this week as part of the Blu Gene initiative project in partnership with UNICEF. Due to the ongoing political unrest, many Syrians have fled to Lebanon seeking refuge, including many children who end up in the country without an adult to care for them.

UNHCR worker talking to Syrian child

Many of the refugee children are without their families and only have the clothes that are on their backs. Orta Blu decided to donate clothes to both Syrian and Lebanese children along the Syria-Lebanon border so no one was singled out, as Lebanon is also an impoverished region. UNHCR and UNICEF are diligently working to set up shelters to help these children.

Orta was established in 1953 and has been manufacturing denim since 1986. The denim company distributes denim to brands like G-Star, Mavi, Levis, Little Big, Tommy, Diesel, Replay, J Brand, Miss Sixty, D Squared, Paige, and GAP. Orta Blu’s mission is to, “connect communities in a global way helping them solve each others’ problems in a productive way.”

The Blu Gene project monitors humanitarian crisises around the world with the help of NGOs and under the supervision of United Nations Organizations. Instead of calling it blue jeans, they decided to call the project genes as a metaphor for the DNA of  their denim.

Blu Gene works with a collaboration of fashion designers and Orta donates the denim and manufactures the jeans. The 2,400 denim garments donated were designed by Bonnie Young, a well known children’s fashion designer.

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