Oscar Diaz’s Tube Toys remind us a bit of MAKEDO’s Find and Make Kits that come with little packaging and just a few connector pieces and a lot of inspiration to turn old boxes and other objects bound for the recycling bin into toys. But in this case, you don’t need to go hunting around the house for the right pieces, instead you just use the packaging and what’s inside to create a toy. The only thing to discard when you’re done is a single sheet of packing displaying the product name, barcode and logo. Plus, every material used in the toy is either recycled or recyclable.

Four Tube Toy vehicles are available: a tractor, a firetruck, a car and a train. The tubes, which become the body of the vehicles, come with pre-cut slots and holes so no cutting is required to place the wheels and other accessories.

Part building toy, part push toy, these smart sets are perfect for car-crazed tots and future engineers alike.

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