How many times have you taken your precious bundle to a mommy & me class, only to find puddles of drool strewn across a dirty gym mat, or a dingy, hard carpet as the surface on which you’re supposed to poise her little tush? With the dawn of the new Oshi Mat, you can now take a clean, comfy, not to mention cute, pad for your child to chill upon. Designed specifically as a sanitary sidekick for taking your baby and toddler to classes and activities, the Oshi Mat is lightweight, water repellent and moisture-free to stave off bacteria. Oshi Mats are made of eco-friendly, non-toxic, recyclable foam, and they 100% PVC and latex free. Read on to learn more about this ingenious, mom-invented product!

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A mom developed the Oshi mat, after taking her four-month old son (whose nickname is Oshi) to a baby class and being uncomfortable as well as concerned about germs on commonly used surfaces during class activities. She invented the mat so moms could always carry with them a convenient landing spot for baby while on-the-go. Each Oshi mat is generously sized to accommodate both mom/dad and baby, and mats easily fold up to fit in the handy tote bag included. Mats may also be cleaned in a green manner by using organic cider vinegar wash, or by simply using warm water and a wash cloth. There are a variety of adorable Oshi mat patterns available, including the colorful owls seen above.

+ Oshi Mat Baby Mat $44.95

+ Oshi Mat