Give old windows a fresh new outlook by turning them into an outdoor hideaway! We spotted this clever upcycling project at Design Sponge and thought building this backyard escape would be the perfect way to round out the summer. A Swedish reader of Design Sponge submitted this project when she was left with a pile of old windows after having new ones installed in her home. What could have been sent to a landfill instead became a unique, inviting backyard dwelling where kids and adults alike may escape a hectic household to read a book, play a game, or sneak a snooze.

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Installing new windows in your home is one way to increase indoor energy efficiency. And salvaging old windows by transforming them into an outdoor respite place really makes this green undertaking a full circle endeavor. This space is a literal window of opportunity, boasting the rewards to be reaped by pairing sustainable building and thoughtful design.

via Design Sponge