While growing up in Singapore in the 1970s, designer Chan Wai Lim spent a lot of time playing with farm animals as well as wooden toys. She combined these two nostalgic elements of her childhood to create a trio of outdoor rocking toys: a pig (complete with a metal tail that resembles a wind-up toy), a cat, and a puppy. The rich, contrasting shades of eco-friendly wood make these rocking chairs gorgeous to look at and also give each of the animals their individual “personalities.” The rocking animals (aka the “Icons of Sembawang”) are constructed from eco-friendly Heveatech, a by-product wood that is durable and termite and weather resistant, making them a long-lasting and sturdy option for playgrounds, park play areas, or (if you’re a lucky duck) your own backyard oasis.

+ Chan Wai Lim

via Design Milk