If you’re tired of stumbling around in the dark during late night feedings and diaper changes, then the OXO Candela Guardian nightlight is the perfect solution for you. This LED lighted rechargeable lamp is super portable with a nice handle that stays cool to the touch — so you can carry it to and from your baby’s nursery. The charger has a luminescent panel that‚Äôs always lit, and once you remove the portable lamp from the charger it illuminates instantly and lasts for eight full hours. Because the Guardian uses LED technology it’s far more efficient than many other nursery lamp options. It is cost efficient as well; because for the life of this nightlight you’ll never need to change a bulb! The subtle glow of the LED light will softly illuminate the room — making night feedings more relaxing and making it easier for baby and mom to return to sleep.

+ OXO Candela Guardian $29.99