Designer Laura Väinölä introduces Pally, a colorful stool with a vibrant aesthetic that can be recreated over and over again. By repositioning the painted sticks that comprise the seat in its container, kids can dream up endless patterns and drawings in Pally. Both a toy and a stool, Pally resembles a round box of crayons, reminding both children and adults that time spent with a blank canvas and a good dose of imagination can result in a ton of enjoyable artistic expression.

Both fun and functional, Pally allows kids to interact with their furniture. Made from painted wooden pegs and a round superlon container, the design helps children express their creativity and take an active interest in their surroundings. Pally presents a great opportunity to teach responsibility through art, making sure all of the pieces are arranged in the chair to configure a sitting space and a masterpiece when complete. Pally is available in two sizes, and Väinölä is currently looking for a manufacturer to bring this wondrous idea to fruition.

+ Laura Väinölä

Via beautiful life