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Hari & Deepti, also known as the artists Harikrishnan Panicker and Deepti Nair, have created a world of monsters, animals, and rounded cartoon-like characters, all that interact together amongst detailed landscapes. Using narrative storytelling as an inspirational theme, the pair transform simple watercolor paper into incredible sets, using the illusion of light and shadow. The stories unfold with simple cuts and layering, and strategic placement of small LED lights.

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When unlit, Hari & Deepti’s pieces appear almost flat, with simple patterns swirling on white paper, their details unseen or unnoticed. But once a light is placed within the boxes, the scenes come to life.  In one, a man fends off descending wolves with a sword, amidst a circle of tangled brush. Another shows a family of great whales, swimming in an underwater clearing above a shipwreck which is being explored by divers. Others show characters holding torches while exploring a stalactite-filled cave, and even a world of tree houses with speared men meeting a giant elk.

Each of these tableaus incites creativity and sparks the imagination as the fantastical scenes leap from a simple sheet of paper.

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