Raise your hand if you’ve taken a swing ride with your baby or kiddo on your lap? The Expression Swing makes it possible to now see your little one’s face light up while you enjoy a tandem swing ride face to face. Most kids go through a swing obsession phase or two. My 4 year-old daughter still makes a beeline for the swing whenever we go to a playground and would be happy with me pushing her for hours. Gametime’s soon-to-be released Expression Swing makes the whole experience more fun for both parent (or grandparent or caregiver) and child with a patented face-to-face design with a bucket seat for kids under five and an adult swing seat as well. Play expert Dr. Stuart Brown emphasizes that this type of swinging produces a sort of attunement between parent and child and serves as a type of social play. Plus, getting to swing WITH your kids makes for a more enjoyable playtime for parents, who typically just end up playing juice sherpa or checking their phones at the playground.

+ Expression Spring $995