When the nurse placed my newborn son in my arms, I was elated. But due to jaundice (which affects about 60% of babies), my son ended up needing to go in an isolette, which provides high-intensity blue light phototherapy treatment, for a few days before we could take him home from the hospital. As a new mom with plans to hold my baby 24/7 while on the post-delivery hormone roller coaster, having to put him in that little “warming” tank was devastating. A new device created, originally as a student engineering project, could make this common situation more compassionate for both parents and baby. The SnugLit is a portable infant swaddle blanket that incorporates the essential phototherapeutic blue lights used for treating jaundice while allowing moms, dads, or caregivers to hold baby close. While current treatments are not conducive to cuddling baby and only provide 180 degrees of therapy (meaning baby is only receiving the blue light benefits on half of his body), the SnugLit gives 360 degrees of wraparound coverage. It also has a rechargeable battery pack so parents or caregivers can move around with their bundled baby instead of being tethered to a wall outlet. The SnugLit was carefully designed with both hospitals and home care-giving in mind: the light pad is reusable, the soft cover is disposable, and the swaddle is washable. Those first few days of life are some of the most important for bonding, snuggling and breathing in that new baby smell. The SnugLit makes it possible for baby to get the most effective treatment for jaundice and remain in the arms of the ones who love him the most. The SnugLit is currently still under development with plans to be released in 2017, at which point parents and hospitals will likely pounce.

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