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Little Charlie’s parents wanted to share pictures of his first days with friends and family easily, so they decided to start an Instagram account for the adorable tot. Inspired to get creative with the project, Charlie’s dad Dave turned to Adobe Illustrator to come up with a design concept. In the computer, Dave transformed little Charlie into a miniature juggler, and marked “One Week” on his onesie.

Since week one, the Moldavons intended to create a portrait of Charlie lying on his furry blanket into a character drawing, adding a little fun when his family discovered his posted picture each week. The project turned out to be such a hoot for the Moldavons, that they began shooting 30 to 40 pictures a week!

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Soon, Dave chose the best images of Charlie, and sketched out new scenarios with Adobe Illustrator, sometimes posting multiple images each week. As Charlie has grown bigger (and has more and more brilliant strawberry blond hair!) his dad has drawn him as a gymnast, sleepy fireman, vine-swinging monkey and even underwater with fish friends.

Once Charlie hits one year, his parents plan to reduce the weekly images, but they are currently developing an app so that other parents can have the same fun with documenting their little ones’ first months.

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