British parents Adam and Tanya Phillips have made a life-long commitment to making their daughter feel like she belongs, by getting matching tattoos that replicate a pink birthmark that stretches down their daughter’s leg. When their 18 month-old daughter Honey-Rae’s sprawling birthmark failed to fade as she aged, the couple decided to take matters into their own hands to make their little girl feel special and more comfortable.

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To celebrate her 40th birthday, Tanya decided to get a matching tattoo with her husband. But instead of a heart tattoo of their names, the couple decided to go a very unusual route. Honey-Rae, the Phillips’ adorable toddler, was born with a pink marking that extends down the side of her right leg. Hoping it would fade after infancy, the birthmark continued to be bold and splotchy as Honey-Rae grew.

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Adam and Tanya would often notice other children, and even adults, staring at little Honey-Rae’s birthmark when baring her legs during warm weather. Wanting to protect her from ridicule and a future of bullying, the Phillips came up with an innovative plan to make Honey-Rae feel special. The pair spent hours at the tattoo parlor, painfully adding ink in the shape of their daughter’s pink splotchy trail.

Once the tattoos were healed, Adam and Tanya showed their daughter. To their delight, Honey-Rae was thrilled, crying “Match!” when she saw the same markings on her parents, and then pointing to her own leg. Getting massive tattoos may seem like an extreme way to help protect your child from ridicule, but the Phillips are proud to bear their matching family tattoos for Honey-Rae.

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