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One entire wall of Daniel’s Gym is clad with indoor climbing rocks, allowing the kids to climb all the way to the ceiling and across the room. Ropes and pulleys test the children’s strength and agility, while doubling as swings. Criss-crossed taut straps make for a unique climbing experience, and overhead monkey bars bring a beloved playground activity to the gym.

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The kids also have a large tension swing for play, as well as gymnastic mats for stretching and exercise. One wall of the gym is lined with shelving for easy equipment storage. If Daniel isn’t feeling very active one day, Playoffice designed a little nook for hibernating. Located just above a door, the lofted rest area feels like a fort inside, and is attainable only by climbing one of two ladders.

The quirky gym lets Daniel and his sister climb, play and exercise any time of day, in any weather. With Daniel’s Gym, physical activity has become ingrained as part of daily life.

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