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Stucchi, who is based in Monza, Italy started his Instagram page several months ago, and he has quickly gained almost 45,000 followers. Although Stucchi appears to have a wide breadth of knowledge of a variety of traditional desserts, his sense of humor is often evident, such as when he has ricotta and white-chocolate-covered eyeballs taking an eye exam or displays tiny climbers attempting to summit a chocolate muffin mountain.

The juxtaposition between the mini figures and the pastries and desserts will delight kids of all ages. Stucchi arranges them to look like the men and women are actually rolling the dough, filling the pastries with cream, chopping the nuts for topping brownies, and removing the chocolate from chocolate mines.

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We love how he playfully shows how desserts are “constructed” and how, with just the help of some small figurines, he makes these scenes almost appear possible. Stucchi shows off his creative skills on Instagram twice a week, so be sure to take a look and have a laugh.

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