It’s always a pleasure to see what awesome goods sustainable children’s company Perludi comes up with, and their newest object of our affection is PAULI, a modular seating, storage, and play station for kids. PAULI, at first glance, is a seemingly simple playroom seat for a child, but look again and you’ll discover that PAULI is so much more. PAULI is capable of a lot in any room of your house. As a one piece, PAULI is a wonderful seat for a child, but with storage space to spare. When you place two PAULI shelves together, shoulder to shoulder you create a shelf in a rectangular shape while the seating surfaces and the slanted backrests merge into a beautiful segmentation. Stacked one upon the other, you’ll achieve a table that’s the standard height of most dining tables and work desks, giving you a table on a moment’s notice. Stack even more of these units together for a bookshelf! As if the modular abilities of PAULI weren’t enough, this beautiful piece is eco-friendly. Keep reading to learn more.

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Like all Perludi furniture, PAULI is made with lovely organic materials, is 100% recyclable and sustainably made with 100% solar energy. Specifically, PAULI is made of solid spruce wood and covered with beautiful Austrian Loden (100% pure new wool) in shades of sand, gray, apple, or dahlia. PAULI is part of the “PleaseTouch” collection which means neither glue nor dowels are needed during assembly, so it’s super safe for kids to touch. All furniture in the PleaseTouch series is additionally delivered safely, folded and in a space-saving manner, and most importantly for parents, it’s easy and quick to assemble! Bonus, the fun and functional PAULI is the perfect size for kids and adults alike, so it’s unlikely to outgrow it’s usefulness in your home, even as your kiddos keep growing.

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+ PAULI starting at €250.00

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