The PedoBike will seem familiar to most readers because, let’s face it, it looks a lot like a LIKEaBIKE – that other popular wooden push bike. The PedoBike is also a likable bike. It’s slightly less expensive than its competitor, and it boasts modular craftsmanship, varied accessories, and a sustainable manufacturing process. Besides, according to the distributor’s website, PedoBike is actually the “original of all wooden walking bikes for children”.

Holz-Hoerz, the German think tank behind the production of the PedoBike, has been making quirky, witty, silly play items for decades. Reviewing the company’s online catalogue of imaginative, innovative, educational products, it’s easy to see how Mr. Magorium stocked his Wonder Emporium. Balancing wheels, marble runs, and spinning seats, it’s a veritable wonderland of wacky novelties.

I became interested in the PedoBike while shopping for a birthday gift for my son. Since every piece is handmade in the same town in which the company’s founder, Erich Hoerz, lives (in a self-made wooden house no less), I suspected that Holz-Hoerz would most likely source its material by sustainable means. A quick correspondence with Gesa Kudlack-Fuchs, half of the Holz-Hoerz’ US distribution team, confirmed my belief stating, “The company’s aim is to use as little plastic as possible, and instead, long lasting material from nature. Therefore, over 90% of their products are made of environmentally friendly and durable wood. The wood is mainly birch wood from Finland, sustainably grown and harvested (any amount of wood harvested is being replanted).” Gesa also explained that Holz-Hoerz guarantees that all of the rubber they use is toxin-free (especially free from phthalates), and all of the wood in their products gets treated with eco-friendly linseed oil (varnish is a no-no). Holz-Hoerz is also proud of its support and use of local suppliers, a practice which reduces carbon emissions that are a direct result of shipping.

The PedoBike’s most alluring sustainable feature has to be its modularity. While other push bikes are generally designed for use up to age 5, the PedoBike grows with your child (Stage 2 is fit for 7 – 12-year-olds). A basket for Knuffle Bunny can be attached to the PedoBike. Other additions include a water bottle, nameplate, safety flag or horse head. For the upcoming winter months, a $45 Ski-bob conversion kit is a great option.

Sustainable fun doesn’t come in a more kinetic package. The PedoBike is available for $229 at