This personable and endearing cloud light, made by A Little Lovely Company, will be an eye-catcher in every child’s room — but it’s much more than a simple decor item. Doubling as a nightlight and play item, this cloud lights up bright when tapped, dims when tapped again — and if your child falls asleep with it, the cloud automatically turns off after 30 minutes! Because the cloud utilizes LED technology, it’s never hot to the touch, making it safe for children to play with.

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If your child’s room is short on space, A Little Lovely Company also offers a delightful range of pastel-pretty, mini figure LED lights. Each of these gorgeous mini lights shows off a nice, soft glow in the dark, and is made from safe BPA- and lead-free materials. The mini lights come in an array of child-pleasing designs, from ice cream cones to pears to mini clouds and more. You’re only problem is that you’re going to have a hard time just choosing one!

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+ Figure Lights €9.95 – €95.00

+ A Little Lovely Company