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Each Paper Hat Press book is made to order, so this cuts down on waste since most publishers trash and recycle unsold copies. Paper Hat Press books are made in New York, NY and can be created and shipped in as little as 7 days. Paper Hat Press books arrive in 100% recycled kraft paper wrap that may be folded to make a paper hat!

There are currently seven titles to choose from, with topics including superheroes, fairy princesses, and the circus — and they may all be personalized for boys and girls. There’s also an option to personalize Paper Hat Press’s “I Love You” book for more than one child.

Certain books allow you to customize the characters and change their eye color, hair color, style and length, and skin tone to resemble your child’s features.

Paper Hat Press also has additional personalization options which include adding a child’s birthday, beloved toy, pet, a favorite food, a popular playground, unique qualities, and even a caregiver’s name.

Paper Hat Press high quality books are created by award winning authors, illustrators, editors, and designers. They are exclusively available online at Paper Hat Press for purchase.

+ Paper Hat Press $39.95