Kids love to read their own names, and what easier way to teach them than by spelling out the letters on everyday items in your home? That’s why we are totally enamored with these clever personalized hangers, handmade by LilaFrances at Etsy, and customized with your little one’s name! And they are kid-sized to keep all of your tot’s outfits neatly organized in the closet.

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Each wire hanger is a work of art in and of itself, and is so much more special than factory made plastic hangers. Simple and elegant, LilaFrances hangers may also be used as decorative pieces when children have outgrown them — and imagine the look of delight that any expecting mother will have when you present her with a set of hangers bearing the name she has carefully chosen for her baby.

At only $10 each (for most names), these name hangers are an affordable and thoughtful gift that will be used time and again! LilaFrances also offers beautiful fabric covered hangers and keepsake wire family trees, and 10% of every purchase is donated to Stand Up 2 Cancer.

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