The Petunia Pickle Bottom brand is known for its bold, vibrant and super-useful diaper bags and accessories: their unique designs make parenthood convenient and chic. For new parents who have almost everything, Petunia Pickle Bottom recently added the cheekily named pacifier porter and bottle butler to their extensive line. The pacifier porter can tote two pacifiers and zips securely closed to keep pacis from slipping out onto the ground or into the depths of your diaper bag.  The insulated bottle butler helps to maintain the temperature of one large bottle (or two smaller ones): parents can even use the bottle butler in a pinch to keep their drinks cool. Both items share several easy-to-love features: they attach effortlessly to diaper bags or strollers with a handy top clip, include vegan leather trims and water-proof linings, and are free of PVC, BPA, and pthalates. The pretty exteriors only add to the charm: our favorite is the feminine “blooming brixham” version, but there’s a variety of unisex style options available for both accessories, so you can be matchy-matchy or mix up the patterns. Add these baby accessories to the list of things you never knew about before baby, but now find endlessly useful to have on hand!

+ Pacifier Porter $14.00

+ Bottle Butler $22.00

+ Petunia Picklebottom