In an effort to tear kids away from their television screens and video games and to head outdoors during the short, dark days of winter, lighting leader Philips embarked on an experiment to enable more outdoor playtime. Philips took to Uppsala, Sweden, during the darkest days of February to “Light up the Dark” by installing Philips CityTouch lighting on a children’s outdoor playground. In this region of Sweden, winter days average only six hours of sunlight each day, and the darkness keeps children essentially trapped indoors — which affects everything from their mood to their appetite. Philips sought to improve their quality of life by making it possible to spend more time outside playing in the fresh air. This experiment was a giant success. 37% of the kindergarten children surveyed spent extra playtime outdoors, 57% of parents noticed an improvement in their child’s mood from playing outside, 43% of parents reported a positive impact was made on their child’s sleeping pattern — and the lighting is now a permanent fixture on the playground. More details and the final results of the experiment can be further explored via the video above.

via Philips