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Each day, Wasiczek wanders through her own garden, or a nearby meadow, camera in tow. Without having shots planned ahead of time, the artist allows herself to spontaneously stop and snap as inspiration hits. Wasiczek relies on her intuition and natural sunlight to compose her photographs.

Each lurid photo is a magnified view of things we see in our gardens every day. Delicate blades of grass intertwine with colorful flower petals, drops of dew glisten in the sun, while insects and snails lounge on toadstools and stems. Taken from a bug’s eye view, the natural elements in Wasiczek’s scenes are powerful and inspiring.

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The key to making images for Wasiczek is to slow down and look at flowers, grasses and bugs with the same wonder she did as a child. Taking this approach gives the artist newfound appreciation for her surroundings, which she hopes will transfer to her viewers.

Wasiczek’s photography puts the beauty of nature at the forefront, asking viewers to take time to enjoy the subtle details of the world below their feet.

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