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When Saenz saw a few plastic dinosaurs for sale at a flea market in La Paz, Bolivia, he decided to pick them up and place them in one of his photographs of the Bolivian landscape. The pictures he posted were so loved, that he decided to continue to use the dinos in his shots, posing them as ancient reptilian tourists across the varying landscapes of Bolivia. Soon, the dinosaurs were brought along with Saenz on his travels around the entire continent, helping him to document the exciting places he has visited.

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Saenz’s beautiful photographs are not necessarily of the dinosaurs, but instead are enhanced by their presence, still paying tribute to the beauty of their surroundings. The traveling dinosaurs have expanded to include the original Dino the green Brachiosaurus, as well as Dina the Stegosaurus, Spiny the Spinosaurus, and Brachy the brown Brachiosaurus — who is also the original Dino’s girlfriend.

The gorgeous series highlights the importance, and inspiration, that traveling can bring.

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