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What if you could revisit your childhood, or tell your child-self secrets you’d learned as the years passed? This is what Otsuka imagined when creating the images in her ‘Imagine Finding Me’ series. In the digitally collaged photos, the artist often stands alongside her younger self, appearing almost as a chaperone looking out for the kid version of her. Little and adult Otsuka pose with luggage in front of a train, recline in a hotel bed, walk along the beach in summer and make muddy snow men in winter. Her photographs look back at family vacations to Paris and Beijing, as well as more personal photographs in front of her childhood home.

Since the early photographs were commercially processed and yellowed, Otsuka matches the same faded quality for her modern image that she has inserted. Together, they look seamless, and as if her adult self was really present in the original photograph. From a toddler to an awkward tween, Otsuka has revisited her life, and proudly stands side by side with the little girl she once was, resulting in the ultimate double-take.

+ Chino Otsuka

Images © Chino Otsuka

via Gizmodo