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By using the floor as a canvas to create the backdrop for his photographs, Holleben is able to fashion scenes that would otherwise be impossible if shot vertically. By laying objects on the ground, the photographer can conjure up just about any fantastical scene he desires, without actually building the props he uses. Blankets are crumpled to emulate a rocky terrain, while a series of various sized balls are splayed out on black fabric to appear as outer space — featuring a large exercise ball cast as the moon. Piles of colorful plastic junk are organized to look like complex machines, whimsical cars, or even force fields his subjects must walk through.

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Once Holleben’s props are set in place, he brings in his models to interact with them. By laying on the floor, his subjects, both children and adults, aren’t restricted to the confines of gravity. Kids can look as if they are jumping high, floating in space and driving Holleben’s makeshift cars. The simple idea of moving the backdrop to the floor opened up a world of imagination for Holleben’s photographs, enabling the photographer to create a limitless series of whimsical photographs.

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