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Damar is a self-taught photographer living in Indonesia. Inspired by daily life in the village in contrast with the more modern ways of Jakarta, Damar decided to capture these moments and share them with the world. His collection of photos gives a glimpse into an existence of sheer happiness and delight, untouched and unspoiled by technology — or the addiction and obsession that goes along with it. The children in his photographs are immersed in the nature and community around them, enjoying the splendor of the tropical landscape.

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These kids won’t be found watching TV, or playing on the internet or an iPhone. Instead, the world is their oyster. Long sticks become spears for hunting in the river, oversized leaves become umbrellas, and bamboo stalks are transformed into squirt guns. Children interact with animals and nature in the glow of the morning light.

Through his project, Damar has also gotten to know the people of the village, who he has found extremely friendly and happy. He plans to continue this documentation of the joys of the simple life into an expanded photo series.

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