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Rime’s one-of-a-kind masks have all the elements of game playing, but are pieced together to create abstract and decorative unison. Playing cards are arranged with their suits exposed, carefully framing the eyes, or splayed in a crown like a headdress. Red and black checkers are held together on a grid by a wire frame, creating a sort of colorful armor, or affixed like chain mail to make a skull cap.

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The horse figures of chess pieces are strung together, making regal strands that hang from Pick up Sticks around the head, or arranged along with pawns to create a tiara shape. Monopoly money is turned into swirling circular fans, with a simple accordion fold, and Sorry! pieces line up across the head to make an other-worldly hat.

The whimsical masks not only show off the artist’s creativity, but also inspire upcycling projects at home. With Rimes’ pieces serving as the muse, an old or disused board game can become the inspiration for crafting projects, transforming these recognizable pieces into something new.

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