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The mothers in Ivens’ photographs are all set in an almost fairytale-like nature setting, befitting to a goddess. Her scenes capture perfect snowfalls, idyllic forests, and more importantly, incredible bonding moments between mother and child. The mothers are happy and ethereal, while their children gaze at the camera while feeding, entwined in their mother’s arms.

A mother herself, Ivens began the series inspired by her own experience with nursing her two children. Despite time of day or wherever she was, nursing made her feel like some sort of superhero with her super power being breastfeeding. This invigorating comparison was coupled with her belief that breastfeeding is completely normal, and that women should be able to nurse their children anywhere, without having to shame themselves with cover-ups or retreating to a public restroom.

Breastfeeding Goddesses illustrates the process in true beauty, making nursing look both normal and magnificent at the same time.. The book will be released on May 3rd to coincide with Ivens’ art exhibition in Chicago, appropriately entitled “I Breastfeed my Toddler.”

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