Finally, something to do with the hundreds of pictures your child has painstakingly drawn and which you are expressly forbidden to put in the recycling bin! You can turn her artistic endeavors into actual dresses through a newly launched company, Picture This, that’s absolutely genius and empowering for young designers and artists. Transforming their drawings into dresses that they can sport for holidays, birthdays, or any day is a fun form of expression for kiddos… and one of the best parts is you don’t have to sew a stitch!

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Picture This was created by Jaimee Newberry, a mom who was inspired to sew a dress that her young daughter had designed. The dress was met with plenty of applause from peers and their parents, which lead Jaimee to ponder how she could grow her operation on a larger scale. After more than a year of research and experimenting with designs and production, the company currently custom-prints each dress (based on a standard pattern). The dresses are machine-washable, made in Las Vegas, and are a soft poly-cotton blend fabric that is comfy and breathable.

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There are also expansion plans to include other designs, such as shirts, in the future. In the meantime, check out the simple Picture This process, which includes downloading a template for the correct size dress, having your kiddo go to town on the decorating, taking a picture of the final design and then sending it back to the company — and waiting about two weeks for the dress to arrive at your home. Not included in the official process, but also likely to occur: ecstatic shrieking when your child tries on her design, parading around the house, asking to sleep in said dress, and requesting to design more dresses! And don’t forget about getting a matching dress for your child’s favorite doll.

+ Picture This design-your-own dresses $49.00

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