A PIPEROID is a fantastical cut-fold-connect, paper robot created by Japanese toy designer Takashi Tsunoda. For anime-loving, DIY-experienced kids, it gets no better than this. Full of mischief, each robotic duo comes as a rolled sheet of colorful paper that needs to be crafted in order to be brought to life as a PIPEROID!

The reclusive Mr. Tsunoda stays true to his motto: “Teaching Values Through Handcrafts” by producing toys “that use your hands and stimulate your brain.” The new line-up features 9 pairs of characters to choose from (including Smoke and Bill ‘ninja mates’, Shishitaro and Komajiro ‘imperial guardian lion brothers’, and Kibatora ‘the legendary samurai warrior’).

Watch the video above to see how easy it is to construct a PIPEROID, and then get yours (with instructions in English) at Amazon.

+ PIPEROID Robots $12.95-$15.95