Coloring is an activity that unites every age group — even parents can’t resist this calming and creative pastime. The folks at Pirasta obviously understand the universal allure of the crayon and have created humungous coloring posters so that everyone can get in on the fun. Their “Really Big Coloring Posters” are 63″ by 36″ so no one has to fight over whose turn it is to color, or elbow each other to get enough space. With four coloring scene options available, your child is sure to find plenty to feast their eyes upon within these intricate and intriguing posters.

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Printed with vegetable ink on recycled content paper, the American-made posters are illustrated by several talented and quirky artists. Each artist designed a different themed poster, with topics including Food Fight!,The Big Apple, Let’s Color America, and Funny Farm. In addition to being a ton of fun to color, the posters could also inspire “Where’s Waldo”-type games: each design is comprised with hundreds of animals, types of food, or landmarks, so finding specific creatures, people, and places will also keep kids occupied. The Big Apple and the America poster also offer a subtle little geography and history lesson. Pirasta’s posters are a great activity for parties, classrooms, family get-togethers or simply as a fun canvas for coloring throughout summer vacation.

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