One of the most popular features of children’s museums across the country are their play kitchen or play grocery store areas: Kids hover there like moths to a flame as they mimic picking out and buying food and creating meals. Pixiekids Toy Shop, helmed by a speech language pathologist who has used the therapeutic power of pretend play in her practice, brings the world of make believe to your house with toys constructed of eco-felt, made from recycled plastic bottles. The pieces, all of which are hand-stitched and reinforced for longer, safer playing, include an adorable tea set and a complete 25-piece grocery set with fruits and veggies, cupcake mix, flour, and a steak (a veg-friendly version swaps out the steak for a peelable banana!). We love the details that Pixiekids incorporates: the pickled ginger and wasabi accompaniments to the sushi set and the mini grocery bag emblazoned with the recycling logo, for eco-friendly trips to the grocery store. Whether kids choose to “cook” Mommy and Daddy breakfast or feast their eyes on cinnamon rolls (hat and mitt included), Pixiekids Toys invite hours of imaginative play.

+ Eco-friendly Felt Play Food 12.95-114.95

+ Pixiekids Toy Shop