Artist Journal

P’kolino has created three different art travel kits, so you can find the perfect kit, at the perfect price to meet your family’s needs. Their least expensive option is the cute Artist Journal. This simple set comes with¬†10 hexagon colored pencils, a pad of bright white paper and a playful, easy-to-clean carrying case. The fun pencils are made of 100% color,¬†meaning¬†your little artist can use the whole pencil. Because there’s zero wood they are easy to sharpen and smooth to the touch, plus won‚Äôt leave color on hands.

+ Artist Journal $14.99

Artist Set

The P’kolino Artist Set comes with different art mediums than the journal above, including 12 triangle crayons, 12 colorful markers and a cute, easy-to-clean canvas carrying case. P’kolino’s markers are made with¬†low odor, non-toxic, food dye inks that produce long lasting vivid colors. The crayons¬†are made with non-toxic, proprietary materials and are shaped¬†ergonomically¬†so they’re easy to hold. Plus, these crayons have no wrappers, meaning no mess or excess paper to deal with.

+ Artist Set $24.99

Artist Travel Set

The Artist Travel Set is comes ready with a pad of paper, perfect for a child who really loves to create and draw on-the-go. Besides the same easy-to-clean carrying case, this set also comes with 12 triangle crayons and 12 colorful markers.

+ Artist Travel Set $34.99

Non-toxic Art Supplies

All of P’kolino’s art supplies are European-made and non-toxic. Plus, these are art supplies made just right for little hands with cool shapes (like triangle crayons) that won’t roll away. Each art kit comes in a non-toxic carrying case – the canvas coating is BPA free. Each set is¬†available¬†in four fun-loving character designs or you can also check out these travel kits in the Britto design.

Fun Art On-the-Go

One thing we would like to see is P’kolino use recycled content paper in their kits. Still, overall, these sets are a fun and non-toxic way to let your child be creative on-the-go. For ages 3 years and older.

+ P’kolino Traveling Art Sets $14.99 Р$34.99

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