Plant Stamps can make your holiday or special event an eco affair in a simple sticker! Plant Stamps are seeded stickers that grow into beautiful plants. Plant Stamps stick to any flat surface and you can apply them to holiday or greeting cards, birthday or baby shower invitations, or even gifts. Plant Stamp recipients simply peel the stamp off the card or gift, soak it for one minute (to activate the seeds) and plant it. Each stamp contains dozens of seeds waiting to grow on a windowsill or outdoors in the yard or flower box. Plant Stamps come in sheets of  9 seeded stickers and each sheet contains three variations of pretty graphics within the same theme. If you’re planning a wedding or other themed event, there are even custom graphics available in quantities of 1,000 sheets (9,000 stickers). Right now, various retail outlets are carrying Plant Stamps or you can purchase select stamps from the Plant Stamps website.

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