If a huge dollhouse or city-minded play set seems too big or overwhelming for your toddler, then PlanToys has the perfect option: tiny little neighborhood haunts that are packed with details but streamlined for younger kids. These sweet little places of the world are part of the PlanWorld collection and include a pet care center, bakery, house, ice cream shop and so much more. And although they’re small in size, these toys are big on encouraging imagination. Each little play set comes with a building plus plenty of fun accessories such as animals to care for, ice cream cones to scoop, broccoli to sell or a baby to babysit. The simple design is easy for younger children to recognize and these sets encourage pretend free play, thinking skills and cooperation when used on a play date or with siblings. Additionally, sets can be combined as your child grows-up, to comprise an even larger world of fun.

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PlanToys is rigorous when it comes to eco-friendly policies and materials. These PlanWorld play sets are made with PlanWood a material introduced by PlanToys in 2012. This innovative material is a non-toxic composite wood made with the sawdust they produced in their toy factory daily while making other eco-friendly rubberwood toys. PlanToys also uses only organic color pigments and water-based dyes that are safe for children and also for the environment. For all their packaging and printed materials PlanToys uses recycled paper and soy ink. Like really great icing on the cake, these tiny play sets are super affordable, allowing any family to go greener with their toy purchases!

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+ PlanToys Ice Cream Shop $26.03

+ PlanToys Market $26.30

+ PlanToys The Bakery $21.58

+ PlanToys Home $39.68

+ PlanToys Pet Care $23.11

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