Play-Doh has created a 3D printer that would even impress Dr. Seuss, the king of quirky curiosities. The printer works in tandem with the iPlay-Doh 3D app that you download to your iPad to create any design you can dream up. Then you can “print up to three colors at once — blending them like soft serve ice cream.” Though the app teaches kids basic CAD skills, I predict that this will be one of those toys that kids interact with through a great deal of parent involvement (notice that those aren’t the hands of a child in the promo photo). Nonetheless, this introduction to the concept of 3D printing, which is taking the world by storm, is decidedly clever and engaging. And kids will also have a literal hand in bringing their designs to three-dimensional form as the printer is mostly crank powered. (We wish all of the above were true, but we couldn’t resist sharing this April Fool’s joke with you!)

+ Play-Doh 3D Printer $49.99 via Think Geek

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