Play House, built by Alex Allmont for AudioGraft 2014, an experimental music festival in Oxford, England, is an innovative LEGO kinetic structure that plays, as Allmont puts it, “hypnotic and hooky sounds.” The path Allmont took creating this structure is complex and had many detours. Allmont notes, “For the past few years I have been experimenting with rhythm, including developing a number of LEGO musical machines.” At first, Allmont’s vision involved random number generators along with percussive elements, which would have been cool because he experimented with unique LEGO mechanisms that could actually play the drums. Still, the end result is impressive, spread out across a table, the structure plays sampled drums and digital notes based on those of the Roland TB303. If you’re interested in music, LEGO structures and somehow fusing them together, Allmont explains his building process in-depth on Make.

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